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Devoted Heart Home Care - a leading provider of in-home health care services to the Philadelphia area

About Devoted Heart Home Care


Devoted Heart Home Care was started 7+ years ago by a proprietor that saw first hand how individuals with disabilities struggled with maintaining both their daily care and independence. He sought to create a home health care company that provided safety, assistance with health care necessities, and still allowed each participant to maintain a more independent lifestyle. 

Today, Devoted Heart provides home care services both in-home and out-of-home for each participant that has entered the company as it continues to grow. The mission of Devoted Heart is: to provide as much or as little care needed for each participant to stay independent through a highly individualized team approach. This allows caregivers, staff, and participants to get the best out of each service rendered. 

Every member of a care team (participant, staff, and caregiver) works together to create a functioning, individualized, high level of care approach to each participant's care needs. A team approach encourages continued care, compassion, and comfort for participants. Every member of the team can voice concerns and the staff will find the best ways to resolve the issue. Overall, Devoted Heart Home Care is here for you! 

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